About Sean + Danni

Natural, candid & relaxed wedding photographers

Hey! We are Danni and Sean, husband and wife team from the Mornington Peninsula. Our long-distance relationship began in 2014, it didn’t take us long to realise that long distance sucks and Sean quit his truck-driving job and moved to Melbourne (yep, truck-driver gone photographer now you’ve heard everything).

With Sean’s long time passion for photography and my wedding/baby success through ‘Danni Knight Photography’, we joined forces and ‘Sean and Danni – Photographers’ was born in 2015. We will be photographing 38 amazing weddings in 2016 and feel so lucky to watch our business grow daily.

When we aren’t hanging out at weddings and photographing ridiculously good looking people, you’d most likely find us hanging out with our two kids (of the fur variety) Bundy and Dozer: our destructive but loveable staffies. We love to go camping and really just travelling in general, however in saying that we love where we live and think the Mornington Peninsula is a sensational place.

We see ourselves as laid back easy-going people who love good food and enjoying a good beer with good company! We love meeting new people and if you think you might like to meet us please drop us an email and we will be in touch!